Leica MP2 Black Paint Sold for One Million Euro
Leica MP2 Black Paint Sold for One Million Euro

You always wanted to get a Leica M but you think that more than $7 000 for a Leica M10 is too much money? Well, you’re wrong: a new Leica is very cheap. Just have a look at the last Leitz Auction: a Leica 250 GG Reporter + Leica-Motor Mooev has been sold €456 000, a Leica M3 Chrome €408 000, a Leica MP2 Black Paint €1 020 000.

The MP2 is a modified, professional version of the Leica M2, equipped with a special electric motor drive. It has been made in a test series of only 27 examples, only 6 of them (with serial numbers 935507-935512) have been finished in black paint, which makes this camera one of the rarest known Leica cameras.

Don’t forget: you need to keep some money to buy a lens. But as we said, new Leica is very cheap and you can get a Noctilux-M 50mm for just a little more than $11 000 or a Noctilux-M 75mm for a little less than $13 000.

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