New Nikon Zf: 11 Exciting Things To Know

11 Things About The New Nikon Zf
11 Things About The New Nikon Zf

The new Nikon Zf will draw a lot of attention, and not just because the camera is so beautifully designed. In fact, some of the Zf’s new features are totally unexpected and exciting – and many aren’t obvious at first glance. Here’s what you need to know!

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1. The new Nikon Zf is the first camera with vibration reduction that can prioritize your focus point

If in the past, you’ve always found that image stabilization works best when the subject is in the very center of the image, with the midframe and corners being harder to stabilize properly, it’s going to strike you as a genius idea. It looks like Nikon has found a way to change this! By prioritizing IBIS at your focus point, the Zf should allow for sharper handheld photos even when your subject is near the edge of the frame.

2. Nikon’s steadiest IBIS system yet, CIPA-rated for 8.0 stops of stabilization

Add this to the focus-point feature that I just mentioned, and the Nikon Zf might have the best vibration reduction system of any mirrorless camera today – pending tests to see that it works as stated, of course. This would be a huge deal considering that previous Nikon Z cameras have been 1-2 stops worse than the competition in this regard.