Review: Samyang AF 24mm 1.8 FE

Review: Samyang AF 24mm 1.8 FE
Samyang AF 24mm 1.8 FE

In terms of build quality the Samyang 24mm 1.8 AF is a huge step up from the Samyang 18mm 2.8 AF I previously reviewed.

The by-wire focus ring has a nice resistance and turns 180° from the minimum focus distance of 0.19 m to infinity. It is also a bit more responsive compared to the 18mm 2.8 AF but you can still sometimes notice the “steps”.

This 24mm 1.8 also feature a customizable switch and a lens button.

When setting the switch to M2 you can use the focus ring to change the aperture. With the Samyang lens station this switch can be reprogrammed though and turned into an AF/MF switch (which would be my preferred choice).

The improvements don’t stop here: the material of the casing feels way nicer than that of the earlier Samyang AF lenses. It is slightly structured and matte, so doesn’t attract fingerprints as easily.