7 Ways To Use Lightroom For Mobile

Seven Ways To Use Lightroom For Mobile
Lightroom For Mobile

If you’re a Lightroom Classic subscriber you can also use Lightroom for mobile, Adobe’s app for tablets and smartphones and integrate it with your workflow in various ways. Adobe has added lots of new features, making it more useful than ever. I can think of at least seven things you can use the Lightroom for mobile app for, so let’s take a look at them.

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Note: Even if you don’t use Lightroom Classic you can still download and use Lightroom for mobile to view and develop photos. But without an Adobe Photography Plan subscription your photos won’t synchronize with other Lightroom apps or Lightroom Classic.

1. Use Lightroom for mobile to present your photos

Lightroom for mobile makes it easy to upload photos to your mobile device. It eliminates at least one step in the upload process because you can do it all from within Lightroom Classic.

You can synchronize any Collection (but not Smart Collections or Collection Sets) with Lightroom for mobile by checking the appropriate box in the Collections panel. Lightroom Classic creates Smart Previews of the photos in the Collection (if they don’t exist already) and uploads them to Adobe’s servers.