Square of the Moors (Campo dei Mori), Cannaregio – Venice, Italy

The Square of the Moors (Campo dei Mori in Italiano) is located in the sestiero of Cannaregio in Venice and is called “Campo Dei Mori” because of the presence of 4 oriental figures that were placed there in the wall of a house in 1300.

Cannaregio is the northernmost of the six historic sestieri (districts) of Venice. Both the railways station, Santa Lucia, and the bus station, Piazzale Roma, are located inside the Cannaregio. Isola di San Michele, the historic cemetery island, is associated with the district.

Square of the Moors (Campo dei Mori)

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Campo dei Mori, Cannaregio, Venice, Italy, 2001
Campo dei Mori, Cannaregio, Venice, Italy, 2001 –


Yashica FX, T-Max 400, 50mm Contax Zeiss f/1,4 – 2001

Google Street View, Campo dei Mori

Video – Campo dei Mori

The video will begin at 1:39, Campo dei Mori. Go back to the beginning if you want to watch the Chiodo bridge.

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