Rio dell’Arsenale is crossing the Venetian Arsenal (Italian: Arsenale di Venezia), a complex of former shipyards and armories clustered togetherĀ and located in the Castello, the largest of the six sestieri (districts) of Venice.

Owned by the state, the Arsenal was responsible for the bulk of the Venetian republic’s naval power during the middle part of the second millennium AD. It was “one of the earliest large-scale industrial enterprises in history”.

Rio dell'Arsenale - Venice, Italy, 2001
Rio dell’Arsenale, Castello – Venice, Italy, 2001 – Yashica FX, T-Max 400, 50mm Contax Zeiss f/1,4

Rio dell’Arsenal on Google Maps Street View

I shot this photo from this wood bridge called Ponte del Arsenal o del Paradiso (but be careful, there is an other Ponte del Paradiso in Venice). But I was a little bit more on the left to have a better view of the rio and the bridge on Riva San Biasio.

Rotate the image by 180 Ā° to see the Arsenal.

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