Bicycle With Mother and Daughter – Daitō, Japan

In Japan, bicycle is an attractive transport option to millions of people every day. Japanese cycling laws exist but usually are unenforced at all. As a result, everybody in Japan is cycling wherever and however he likes, meaning many Japanese cycle on the sidewalks, often dangerously fast.

Many bikes are equipped with an umbrella and one or even two seats for child.

Mother and Daughter on Bicycle

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Mother and daughter on Bicycle, in Daitō, Osaka prefecture, Japan
Mother and Daughter on Bicycle – Daitō, Japan

Exif and Date

Canon 77D, Canon 35mm f/2 IS – ISO 400, 1/800 sec at f/11 – June 24, 2018

Google Street View

The photo Bicycle with Mother and Daughter was shot from the place below, about 500 meters from the Suminodo Station and not far from the Onji river. You need to make a 180° turn to see the trees behind the bicycle on the photo.

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